Friday, August 1, 2014

Days since last Pixie cut? Zero!

It's August folks and guess what I said I was going to do in August?  Get another pixie!

So, on a whim (not really) I went to a salon on my lunch break and went from this:
To this:

Such fun!  Such freedom!  No more pulling, no more headbands (unless I want to), no more barrettes.  Ahhh.  The gray is really mottled looking on the sides and in the back.  The stylist seemed to think another 12 - 16 weeks should do the trick and get rid of the rest of the color.

I want the bangs longer, but that's how short they were, so we'll just have to wait a bit and then the cut will be exactly how I want it.  Hooray!

So happy.  Just wish I wore a little makeup to work today!  Wasn't expecting to get it cut. :)