Wednesday, October 22, 2014

September and October updates

Catching up a bit from the August 1 Pixie cut. :)  Here's where I was a month later, on September 2nd.  Pretty slow growing!

Add 27 days to that and it started to get quite shaggy.  Funny how hair grows more during some months than others. :)

I was wearing headbands all the time 'cause I just couldn't deal with the whispy scraggly top hairs.  So, on 10/12, I trimmed it up a bit.  Leaving the bangs for now, but most of the dye is gone from the rest of my hair. :)

I kinda like the messy punked out look. :)  Easy to wear too.  The only products I use are some organic shampoo and conditioner followed by a mix of Eqyys Megatek (yes, the horse stuff) and Cowboy Magic detangler.  A small dollup of Megatek and a smidge of the Cowboy Magic mixed together and worked through the hair gives perfect texture when dry.  Love the stuff.  I hate regular mousses, wax and hair sprays too, so it's great that leave-in conditioner does the trick. :)