Monday, February 23, 2015

The "almost one year" post

Close enough, right?  It's been almost one year since I last dyed my hair with the henna and 7 months since my uber short pixie cut that I got back in August of 2014.

Here's a collage from May of last year through this month showing the progress.

Day to day, it doesn't seem to be growing at all.  I guess it is though. :)  I'm just impatient.  I haven't regretted the decision to stop the dye for one second.  The pixie.....maybe once or twice. ;)

I'll be glad when I can just pull it back in a p-tail and forget about it.  I'm "that" into my hair.  Hehehe.

I'll do another update on March 15th, which is the true one year anniversary of my last dye job.  After that we're on year two!


  1. It looks so cool! I like how your bangs still have color. :)

    Do you take vitamin D? I've heard it helps hair be healthy and it might help with growth. I know my hair is insanely thick and seems to grow fast, but I don't really do anything with it or pay any attention to it. I'm like you, put it in a ponytail and forget it lol.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, when I got the pixie I left the bangs as long as they were at the time so they still have all the color from the last dye job! It's fading some, but once you henna, you're henna'd! :)

    I take a whole gamut of vitamins (a multiple, zinc, D, Biotin, Magnesium, B complex, MSM, Glucosamine, Black Currant Oil, Fish Oil). :) I think getting off the BCP has really helped my hair. I've never had very thick hair, even as a child. Long, yes, but very fine and silky rather than coarse and thick. You're lucky to have such thick hair!

    When the BCP hormones started messing with my vitamin absorption, among other things, my hair really suffered. Been off them since last September and my hair is really coming in! It's nice to see. Today it's all frizzy and wild with short new hairs everywhere. :)

    1. Nice! I'm glad getting off the BCPs is helping so much. They say it can take a really long time for those to get out of your system so it might continue to improve for a while. :D