Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We have entered mullet territory

Anyone who's every grown out a pixie will tell you that it is a long, slow and painful process. :P  You go through the short, cool and manageable phase (6 months for my ultra short pixie).  Then you slide into OMG I have a mullet territory, which is where I have finally arrived.

It's been 7 months since my last cut and the dreaded mullet has appeared.  I'm cheap.  Too cheap to go to a salon for two snips at the back of my head, so last evening, I took care of business myself.

Mullet land....
Neat and trimmed
Add a cute little braid to keep the bangs back and we have reached sustainability! :D  I read somewhere about the braid idea.....really like the way it adds that soft touch that's lacking mostly, with the short hair.  Plus I miss braiding!  Oh, I used to have hair that I could put two French braids in, one on each side......some day. :)

Plan is to keep the back trimmed up out of mullet-land while the rest catches up and then just let it grow!

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  1. Ahhhhh mullet!!!! You did a really great job with the trim! I'm impressed that you did it yourself with it so short and behind you lol. I can barely comb my hair behind me, much less cut it haha! Looking good girl!